Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation.


Just because the Prescriptives custom blend counters went away a few years ago doesn't mean that you still can't be custom blended. Really! You can still get custom blended for a foundation all your own at Prescriptives. Through the computer! Yes - all you need is a computer with a web cam (most come with them these days) and a few minutes. The lovely Prescriptives Beauty Geniuses do the rest.

Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation

I had an appointment with Beauty Genius Nikki who took a lot of time to talk to me about the service, learn about my skin needs and then found out what I wanted from a foundation. I wore no makeup to the chat and uploaded two pictures of me wearing makeup.

After talking a bit about my needs, Nikki started building a foundation for me. We talked about the formula. She thought that I would need a hydrating formula. She was right! You can add so many things to the foundation, and a moisturizer is just one of the many. She also felt that I would like a "candle light" finish to look "lit from within". I do not like a flat matte look, and this was the perfect solution for me. Then we talked about color. She could see my largest concern; my neck is a shade darker than my face, and a bit on the pink side. I told her I like my face to blend in with my neck as much as possible, but I am always worried about a foundation being too pink or too yellow. She asked me about my current foundation shades and what I liked or didn't like about them. For example, I told her about the foundation I was currently using, but felt it was a bit too light and yellow for me. I told her that I get the perfect shade when I lightly dust a more neutral, yet darker powder over it. She completely understood that I was sort of custom blending to get the right shade myself, and assured me that I would no longer have this problem. She was positive that she would get the shading right for me.

Taking all of this information, she formulated a "Custom Blend Foundation Recipe". The recipe was emailed to me. I then went back to Prescriptives Custom Blend web page and entered my custom blend recipe id, and placed an order. In just over a week, I received my foundation.

Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation

I could not believe it. My custom blend foundation was perfect - on the first try. Nikki told me that even using computers and cameras, the beauty geniuses get the recipe right 80% of the time, the first time. If you feel like the color or formula need tweaking in any way, you can contact Prescriptives and they will reformulate it for you until they get it right - at no extra charge.

I have been wearing my own custom blend since I received it. After playing with a few application techniques, I like to pour a little bit on the back of my hand, and dip my damped Beauty Blender sponge into it and stipple it over my face. The color is beautiful, a bit luminous, and very long lasting when applied over a primer. The coverage is like what I like to think of as medium, but it is buildable, so I can cover up redder areas of my cheeks, and still look natural.

Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation retails for $65.00, and that includes a goood size bottle (Im guessing 1 ounce) plus a small travel size. It comes beautifully packaged in a velvet pouch. I will definitely be re-ordering.

If I could change one thing about the foundation and service at all, I would like the option of adding a pump for the foundation. I just find that trying to get the right amount of foundation out of the bottle is never accurate, clumsy, a bit messy and can be wasteful.

To get started, head on over to Prescriptives Custom Blend to set up your appointment and chat live with a beauty genius now.