Press-On Lashes? Yes!

I have admitted it before, and I will admit it again. I am terrible at applying false eyelashes.  No matter how much I practice and experiment with different adhesives and the like, I can rarely make them on and to look right on me.  I did find a solution though, and after only a few tries - yes, I am that bad - I can get my eyelashes on and rock them with ease as these are Press-On Self-Adhesive Lashes.

From Salon Perfect, these lashes are pre-glued, so there is no mess and they stick on so easily. What is just as great is that each set of lashes comes with two extra sets of adhesive strips so you can use the lashes over and over. Yes!

 It’s easy to apply Salon Perfect Press-On Self-Adhesive Lashes in 2 simple steps:

1. Check fit: Gently remove lash from platform.  Align band with natural lash line to check fit.  Trim excess if necessary.

2. Apply lashes: Bring lash to eyelid and drape along lid as close to natural lash roots as possible.  Press in place.

Like I said, there are two extra sets of adhesive, making reusing the lashes a cinch.  All I do is peel off the used adhesive, place the lash into groove where replacement glue strip is stored (tweezers may be helpful) and voila - they are ready to be used again.

You can find Salon Perfect Press-On Self Adhesive Lashes at Walmart locations nationwide for just $4.38 each. That price makes me want to stock up on all of the varieties they have - both in natural and glamorous.