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There is so much to worry about when it comes to our overall health and skin health these days. What we put into our bodies, onto our bodies and everything around us. Thinking about all of these things can make your head spin, can't it? There are so many things we can't control including things like the environment. There are things like the sun and toxins from pollution. It's overwhelming! Brands like newcomer Noxidoxi are stepping up and developing groundbreaking products to help us combat these issues with powerful antioxidant solutions. In fact, Noxidoxi is the 1st pollution detox solution for the skin and it's just what I need as we head into summer.

It's a fact that dead skin cells accumulate on the skin and halt the regeneration of new skin cells - it's basically what ages us making our skin look so old and dull. We need products to get rid of those dead skin cells and help us to regenerate new cells to reveal brighter, younger looking skin. When toxins from pollution, dirt, oil — even makeup get in the way, this process needs help.

You know I am ALL about younger looking skin and protecting it. I am up for anything I can do to get rid of these dead skin cells to reveal my best looking skin. I have been using products from Noxidoxi that uses Pollution Detoxology in a pretty simple way to help break down all of these toxins.

1. Detoxify - The products help to eliminate the dead cells that accumulate on the skin surface and halt the skin regeneration process
2. Reboot - The products use ingredients that help reactivate the natural cell renewal process as they boost natural hydration
3. Protect & Shield - The products protect skin from everyday pollutants which prevents the creation of new dead skin cells


The product lineup includes an easy-to-follow skin care regimen that delivers phenomenal results. I knew Noxidoxi was on to something the first time I tried it and noticed a huge difference in how much brighter my skin was. After just ONE USE.

Detox Cleanser & Make Up Remover - This is a really nice 2-in-1 cleanser and eye makeup remover that removes every trace of makeup (even waterproof mascara) from the skin. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean without feeling stripped. It is formulated with Olive and Almond Oil along with Vitamin C so you're getting that great antioxidant protection.

Pollution Blocker Lightweight Serum - This lightweight serum, that you only need a teeny, tiny bit of (not even a full pump) is like an instant skin brightener. This serum is formulated with such powerful antioxidants that I swear my skin responds to it right away! As soon as I apply this serum, my skin is so much tighter and brighter, it is like the serum my skin has been searching for. It shields, nourishes and protects skin from environmental pollutants with a strong combination of antioxidants and Co-enzyme Q10. Not only does it protect the skin from the outside with it's antioxidant "shield", it boosts collagen and speeds up cell turnover by keeping water trapped into the skin with sodium hyaluronate. This is why I think my skin just looks so amazing as soon as I apply it. 

Radiance Booster Detox Cream - To further protect and plump the skin, this day cream is also formulated with high doses of antioxidants and Hyaluronic Acid. It's like a gel-cream that instantly melts into my skin. It helps to restore moisture balance to the skin as it removes dead skin cells with Papain Enzyme and adds a natural radiance to the skin. I'm telling you, my skin is looking so bright when I use this regimen — it is incredible. It is a true rescue and protect system as it protects skin from everyday environmental aggressors.

Pollution Blocker Face Mist - I often feel parched in the summer months, so this on-the-go face mist is genius. Not only does it give my skin a burst of hydration, it gives it a burst of antioxidants to instantly soothe and protect the skin.

You really don't have to be as concerned with everything in the environment if you make smart choices. Buy Noxidoxi at

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