Relax and Wax with No Scream Cream.

Admit it. Bikini waxes are no fun. I hate going to my monthly appointments. Ouch! They are not only uncomfortable, the whole process is just intimidating.

Well, there is a cream that will take some of the literal pain out of the bikini wax experience. Meet No Scream Cream. Bikini waxees rejoice!

No Scream Cream is just what you think it is.  This is a cream you apply before waxing to numb your delicate areas that need the full wax treatment.

I applied this cream before I left for my appointment last week, and by the time I arrived, I barely felt anything. I applied a bit more as I undressed, and this cream numbed the bit that I could feel.

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I was totally relaxed and not worried when my esthetician came close with the wax. And you know what? It really worked, as I barely felt anything. And I swear that the redness I usually see afterward was greatly minimized.

No Scream Cream retails for $19.50 per at