Replenish After Sunning with Davines.

If you have spent a day at the beach, you know the elements take their toll on your hair and skin. The sun, the wind, the saltwater.  As soon as I get in from the beach, I naturally take a long, cool shower to wash away what I can. This season, I have been using some really nice products from an environmentally conscious brand called Davines.

Davines has an array of environmentally conscious line of protective products that are designed to meet the specific needs of hair and skin exposed to sun, seawater and chlorine. Just what I needed.

It is very important to not only protect the skin, but restore it. You see, prolonged exposure to these elements is drying to the hair and skin, worse yet, this what causes damage and puts us at risk of premature aging.  The Davines SU Suncare Protection for Hair and Body lines features products devoted to maintaining and restoring the hair and skin health no matter how much time you spend in the sun. 

Here is what I have been using to restore and replenish after I get in from the beach.

SU Wash : Replenishing Hair & Body After Sun Wash - $20.00
This restorative moisturizing shampoo and shower gel protects hair and skin from dehydration and damage caused by sun exposure. Apricot oil and rice proteins fuse to form a shield surrounding skin and hair.It smells nice, and the thick gel feels light, but very moisturizing as I use in the shower.

SU Cream: Replenishing Fluid for Face and Body - $28.00
This soothing after-sun cream counteracts redness following sun exposure with a gentle, calming blend of Argan and Rice Bran Oil with soothing Organic Aloe. It feels so nice and absorbs instantly into skin as I apply.

For more information and to look for a slon that carries the Davines line of products, visit their website