Rodan + Fields ANTI-AGE AMP MD System.

I am all for anti-aging treatments. I try them all. This one with NEEDLES intrigued me probably more than any other - or at least lately. Needles, I say "yes". This is one of those tools that are normally used only in Doctors' offices, so this is a first for at home treatment. Groundbreaking!

The Doctors behind the famous Proactive line of products. Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, have another winner on their hands with this ANTI-AGE AMP MD System.

With their years of combined work, they realize that one of the greatest roadblocks to transforming skin through topical products is the limited penetration of ingredients through the skin’s outermost protective layer. Getting deeper into the layers of skin has not been possible at home, until now. ANTI-AGE AMP MD is the solution, as it is a micro-channeling tool based on medical-grade rollers used by dermatologists. The AMP MD roller is a non-abrasive instrument with embedded surgical-grade, acupuncture-type, stainless steel micro needles which painlessly create precise micro-channels in the uppermost skin layers.  This allows a deeper, more uniform and effective delivery of ingredients in the Rodan + Fields ANTI-AGE Regimen.

The ANTI-AGE Regimen is a four-product, daily system that layers potent doses of dermatology-proven active cosmetics to combat skin aging from various angles. It is meant to be used at night and followed by ANTI-AGE Overnight Restorative Cream to close and fortify skin’s barrier while you sleep.  In the morning complexion is smooth, supple and resilient.  By combining the AMP MD System with the ANTI-AGE Regimen, lines and wrinkles are reduced, pore size is less noticeable, and collagen production is increased so that elasticity and firmness is greatly enhanced.  

Looking at the tool, I was hesitant, but only for a second as I rolled it over my hand and felt nothing as the superfine needles ran over my skin. I studied the instructions and learned the patterns in which to use the tool, and started using this every night on my face. It only added an extra minute to my routine, but a minute well worth it as I started seeing my skin looking more firm and smooth within a few weeks.  Overall, my skin feels softer and I swear my brown patches that I have been working on for months now, have faded more quickly after I started using the tool as well.

As this tool is medical grade and is made with needles, it needs to be cared for properly. The initial kit comes with everything necessary to properly keep it clean, and this is all described in the instructions which I recommend reading carefully.

ANTI-AGE AMP MD System is available right now at the Rodan & Fields website, where you can learn more in-depth information on it as well. It sells for $200, but I bet we will soon see infomercials with special offers and pricing, so keep a look out.