My Solution for Dry Eyes: Rohto Dry-Aid.

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I am obviously obsessed with makeup. I wouldn't have a makeup and beauty blog if I weren't. I wear and test a lot of makeup. One thing that gets in my way is my dry eyes. Oh my goodness, there are some days that I want just to scratch my eyes out because I cannot take it anymore. I will create a bold smoky eye, and within an hour my eyes are so dry that THEY FEEL LIKE SANDPAPER! My eyes will get so dry that it takes everything in me not to scratch my eyes out. The burning and stinging, it feels like I constantly have something in my eyes. I wind up putting in drop after drop trying to get some relief and I often wind up with makeup running down my face. It is not pretty. 

With the help of Rohto Dry-Aid, dry eyes don't have to keep us dry eye sufferers from doing what we love. I am happy to have finally found relief with these eye drops. Not only do these drops provide my eyes with instant relief, but these drops also provide my eyes with long lasting comfort. I apply one drop to each eye first thing in the morning, and that is all that I need. No more makeup running down my face, thank you very much!

With the new breakthrough, non-blurry tear repair formula, Rohto Dry-Aid is clinically shown to provide long lasting dry eye relief. When compared to other leading over-the counter brands, Rohto Dry-Aid is longer lasting! Rohto Dry-Aid provides soothing dry eye relief for up to 12 hours; these drops get me through the day.  Designed to address the five key symptoms of dry eye — dryness, irritation, grittiness, burning and stinging, these eye drops are a must-have for me and anyone that suffers from dry eye.

In a clinical study, Rohto Dry-Aid delivered consistent and continuous relief over time and was rated highly for its refreshing feeling while providing significant improvements in quality of life.

I especially like that these drops work differently than other over-the-counter dry eye drops that only work on one layer of the tear film. You see, Rohto Dry-Aid is formulated with Liquidshield technology that works uniquely to restore moisture to the tear film. It does so by working on all three layers to mimic a stable natural tear, so eyes are more comfortable for a longer period. It makes a difference.

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You can also find Rohto Dry-Aid at your favorite drugstore or mass retailer; you will find it in the section where over-the-counter dry eye drops are sold. 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Rohto. The opinions and text are all mine.


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