Secret's NEW Body Splashes and Sprays.

I honestly do not understand what was going on yesterday, but it seems all of the talk on the daytime talk shows was about body odor. I mean, really! Is it so hard to make sure you smell clean? With an abundance of deodorant and antiperspirant on the market, there is no need to have body odor.

My favorite line of antiperspirant/deodorant is from Secret. I am so thrilled about their latest product offerings which include new body splashes and body mists. What I really enjoy about these new products is that not only can they match your deodorant, but they can complement it it by turning up or adding in another scent. Fun!

The body mists are part of the Fresh Effects line of deodorants, while the body splashes are made for the Scent Expressions line.

Fresh Effects Body Mist

The Fresh Effects deodorants are specially designed to provide women all-day noticeable freshness without compromising the wetness and odor protection they count on.  The new Secret Fresh Effects Body Mists are specially designed to provide an extra touch of scent anytime, anywhere; making your light scent and freshness last all day. The body mists come in the same scents as the deodorants - Fresh Water Orchid and Cucumber Aloe. Each Fresh Effects Body Mist comes in a travel friendly 3 oz. bottle with spray pump. It reatils for about $4.29.

Scent Expressions Body Splashes

The Scent Expressions line of deodorants is a larger line that also provide both  wetness and odor protection, but comes in a variety of 11 fun scents. The new Secret Scent Expressions Body Splashes are designed to provide women with an extra splash of that scent that lasts all  throughout the day. Scent Expressions feature three scents that all blend well with the full line of deodorant scents. They include  So Very Summerberry, Cocoa Butter Kiss, and Ooh la la Lavender. The body splash also comes in a travel friendly 3 oz size and applies via a spray pump as well. This also retails for about $4.29.

Now, I have made no bones about my lack of love for strong or heavy fragrances. In fact, when I do feel like wearing any type of scent, it is almost always with a body mist, so these are my new favorites.

Look for the new Secret Fresh Effects Body Mist and Scent Expressions Body Splashes in the deodorant aisle of major drugstores and mass retailers. To find the scent that best matches your personality, log onto Secret's Facebook page.