Shaving Help for Sensitive Skin

This post has been sponsored by Gillette. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I have sensitive skin, but I don’t think it compares to the sensitive skin of my sons and husband. It was never so apparent than with everyone home over winter break.

You see, I have three grown sons and a husband with very sensitive skin—especially when it comes to shaving. Over break with them home, I heard my sons complain about both shaving and their overall skin over and over. On more than one occasion, I was asked to buy razors, different razors, because what we had in the house wasn’t good enough for their sensitive skin.

Enter Gillette® SkinGuard. I have been a longtime user of Gillette® razors and was ever so impressed with them and how well the razors perform for me time and time again. Even better? Right now, when you buy SkinGuard razors, you can save a few bucks!

I learned so much about the history and technology that goes into each and every Gillette razor when I visited the Gillette factory a few years ago, and I’ve been a longtime fan and user ever since. SkinGuard is a no-brainer for my boys and their redness, dryness, irritation, razor burn and bumps.

SkinGuard was specifically designed for men like those in my life with multiple shaving sensitivities and even razor bumps. SkinGuard is not only designed to stop irritation, it is clinically proven for sensitive skin.

SkinGuard is Gillette's first razor that was specifically designed for men with sensitive skin. The razor shaves hair while it protects the skin with its unique SkinGuard technology—you can see it positioned right there between the blades. It works to minimize tug and pull and cut hair right at skin level. All that helps to prevent irritation.

My son, Johnny, was the first to grab the SkinGuard and use it with shaving cream—which is a very important step for those with sensitive skin. He absolutely LOVES how close the shave is and how easy the razor was to hold and handle. Johnny said that he didn’t experience any of the usual sensitivities that he usually does while shaving. He was thrilled with the razor and wanted to take what I was sent. He told me to go buy more for his brothers and Dad because he wasn’t sharing—ha!

If any of the men in your life experience similar skin or shaving issues, SkinGuard would be the perfect shaving choice for them, too. Buy SkinGuard now; check your favorite retailer for savings.


Teri Cosenzi

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