Shimmer Down! with this Lip Gloss from mark.

It seems like late winter is the time for lipstick, gloss and balm launches, as I swear I am learning about a new lip launch almost everyday. I will say though, there has been no launch as sexy as this shimmery new one from mark.

With mark. Shimmer Down! High Pearl Lip Gloss, it is simple to add some shimmer to your beauty routine, as this is perfect  for day or night. This creamy lip gloss creates beautiful, luscious-looking lips that are full of shimmer, shimmer and more shimmer.  Shimmer Down! is available in three shades: Browniac, Feels Ripe and Pink Spark.

Once applied, this smooth gloss provides a rainbow-like effect to the lips.  The formula contains a blend of esters and oils that deliver a luxurious application and finish that looks simply sexy!

mark. Shimmer Down! High Pearl Lip Gloss is available from a mark. rep or online at Each gloss is $7.00