Slough Away Summer: Murad Skin Smoothing Polish.

Now that it feels that the summer weather is starting to slowly fade away with the cool nights coming in, it is time to start changing up our skin care just a bit. First thing is first; we need to get rid of the dry rough skin that has built up over the summer. The best way to do that is with a scrub. I have found a great scrub with this newer one from Murad called Skin Smoothing Polish. It not only scrubs away deep into the skin, it does so gently where it doesn't tear the kin. It gets rid of embedded impurities that have built up over the summer and relieves clogged pores. It leaves skin soft, smooth and polished. And that is just the beginning.

Murad Skin Smoothing Polish

Murad's Skin Smoothing Polish contains a host of ingredients that work hard to do more than just exfoliate skin and slough away dead, dry skin. It contains Jojoba Beads that are perfectly round. What does that mean? That means this polish is gentle to the skin yet the beads work hard enough to deeply exfoliate the skin to accelerate the process of natural elimination of dead skin cells and relieve congested pores. I know after all the heat and humidity, my pores feel more than clogged, and after using this polish, my skin feels very soft and my pores are left very clear and feeling free - if there is such a thing.

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I think the "freeing" feeling may be due to the addition of Witch Hazel and Cinnamon Extract. This acts as an astringent (often found in toners) to help tighten the appearance of pores. It also helps to remove excess oil and balance oil production at the same time. It makes my skin feel fresh.

Finally, the Skin Smoothing Polish is rich in antioxidants, so skin is getting environmental protection which is so important in the long term. Ingredients like in Omega-6 Essential Fatty Acids, Starflower and Sunflower Seed Oils help increase the ability of the skin to resist moisture loss, as well as Pomegranate Seed Extract work together to provide this protection.

Murad Skin Smoothing Polish

I have been using Murad's Skin Smoothing Polish once or twice a week in addition to my daily skin care routine. Immediately my skin feels fresh and smooth and my pores are appearing smaller and tighter. My skin is overall more bright. I can tell that I am sloughing away the dead, dry, damaged skin from summer.

Murad Skin Smoothing Polish sells for $30.00 at and Sephora.

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