So Sweet! The DKNY Candy Apple Fragrances.

I don't cover fragrance here that often, but these are so cute and smell so good, that I could not resist sharing them with you. Meet the Candy Apples from DKNY Fragrance.

The Candy Apples are three limited edition fragrances to wet our appetitae for all things sweet, sugary and scented. And the bottles couldn't be cuter, could they?

"Creating a candy apple is about pairing the sweetness of candy with a juicy, ripe apple to create a crisp, irresistible surprise. Vibrant candy coating with the freshest apple at the core creates an undeniably tempting aroma. DKNY has perfected this pairing using the very best ingredients and juiciest notes."

Here are the three sweet scents:

Sweet Caramel Candy Apple - a perfect blend of apple and delicate flowers, topped with creamy caramel and delectable vanilla.

Juicy Berry Candy Apple - a combination of blackberry and fresh apple blossoms wrapped in rose petals and sandalwood to create a truly delicious indulgence.

Ripe Raspberry Candy Apple - a scrumptious blend of green apple and raspberry with floral touches. A finishing accent of Coca-Cola makes this scent the ultimate treat.

My favorite is the Sweet Caramel, though I have found something to enjoy about each one.

Each DKNY Candy Apple sells for $55.00 and all are available at Sephora, Ulta, fragrance counters and DKNY boutiques.