Spa at Home with Borghese.

The name Borghese is synonymous with Italian beauty, luxury and style. Rooted in a centuries-old tradition and inspired by the ancient spas and natural landscape of Tuscany, Borghese products are intended to support the well-being of the body, mind and spirit. For over fifty years, Borghese has captured the organic riches of the Tuscan earth and its mineral springs to formulate their exclusive line of skin care and color cosmetics. They have now reached out further by launching a full line of spa-at-home products with the new Villa Di Borghese Spa at Home line.

Villa Di Borghese Spa at Home products are fashioned from the finest materials and meticulously designed to bring the pampering of a professional spa experience into the home.  Drawing from the elements necessary for a beautiful, healthy life, these products provide the essential benefits of rejuvenation, illumination, restoration, and relaxation. Just say, ahhh...

My Spa at Home journey begins with a little pampering from the Borghese masks. They have two mask products.

Hot and Cold Gel Mask
- $9.99
This mask can be used as it says, hot or cold. To reduce the puffiness of tired eyes, chill the mask in the freezer and place it over the eyes. This is especially good for when dealing with a killer headache.  To soothe and calm your body and mind, warm the mask in the microwave (for only 15-20 seconds) and apply to the forehead.  This feels wonderful.

Restful Nights Sleep Mask - $9.99
This sleep mask not only makes sleep and relaxing a breeze by blocking out light, it is made of a luxurious but light material that is simply comfortable and almost soothing.

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