SPF Yourself: American Beauty Youth-Full Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15.

SPF Yourself is a series of posts featuring products that contain a sunscreen, or SPF, in them. Not only sunscreens, but body lotions, facial moisturizers, eye creams, foundations, tinted moisturizers, bronzers, hair care and more will be featured. Only the best in beauty with SPF!

I’m not one of those gals who needs to wear makeup every day to feel beautiful. That said, I do feel good when I wear makeup - maybe even a little better. On days that I’m running late or short on time, instead of going out with a bare face I’ll often grab for my go-to “quickie” products. To even out my complexion and combat redness, I’ll reach for a tinted moisturizer. On deck this week: American Beauty Youth-Full Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 ($25).

American Beauty Youth-Full Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 promises sheer coverage that’s natural-looking and comfortable. Simple? Yes. True? Also yes! First, I have to give this tinted moisturizer props for actually giving a little moisture with the addition of jojoba seed oil. When I use this, I can easily skip applying my usual moisturizer without fear of those dreaded dry patches.
The coverage is indeed sheer, but it’s a good sheer. It’s not the sheer that melts into your skin and virtually disappears, but it’s a sheer that adds an even, pretty glow. It won’t hide blemishes or imperfections, but it doesn’t claim to do so either. The SPF deserves a shout-out as well! You know I hate applying sunscreen, beauties, so I like to sneak it in where I can.

Overall, I’m impressed with my first American Beauty product! A little goes a long way, and it lives up to it’s label. Definitely worth a look.

Ready to snag your own? American Beauty products are available online and at Kohls stores nationwide. Check out americanbeautycosmetics.com for more info!