SPF Yourself: B.B. Cream SPF 27 PA++.

SPF Yourself is a series of posts featuring products that contain a sunscreen, or SPF, in them. Not only sunscreens, but body lotions, facial moisturizers, eye creams, foundations, tinted moisturizers, bronzers, hair care and more will be featured. Only the best in beauty with SPF!

Summertime is definitely time for multi-tasking or all-in-one products. While I make time to put on layers of product in the cooler months, the warmer months are totally more carefree.  I don't want to waste my time, nor do I want to make my skin feel at all congested or heavy.  When looking for an all-in-one product, I don't think I could have found one that has more than this new beauty from Boscia called B.B. Cream SPF 27 PA++.

This B.B Cream is otherwise known as a "blemish balm" which is very popular in Asian countries and has been for sometime.  This new entry from Boscia is sure to rival the other famed B.B. Creams I have read about in the past, as this one does it all.  It treats, hydrates, heals, primes, soothes, firms and covers with a simple swipe of the self-adjusting light-weight cream.

When first applying, it feels like a primer, but it looks so much better as it really evens out my skin tone and makes it look more alive or awake. I was worried that the shade was a bit too light for my self-tan, but it blended seamlessly into my skin.  The tint is just there to blend and cover, so be sure not to let it scare you if you have a lighter or darker skin tone.

So, what is in this little miracle? Take a look:

  • Abyssine, a naturally-derived survival molecule, shields and soothes skin.
  • Hydroxyprolisilane promotes skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of fine lines.
  • Beta-Glucan provides essential moisture and protects against environmental damage.
  • Jojoba Leaf, a powerful antioxidant, combats free radical damage while it nourishes and protects skin to prevent premature aging, and Willowherb, a unique anti-irritant, helps to calm skin inflammation and reduce visible redness and irritation.
  • Packed with protective antioxidants and SPF 27 PA++ physical sunscreens to defend skin from future damage without irritation. The PA system is a grade of UVA protection that provides superior defense against the rays that cause collagen damage and photo-aging of the skin.

Boscia B.B. Cream SPF 27 PA++ is available right now for $38.00 at Boscia.com or in Sephora.  Next time you are in the store, do take a few to dab a bit on the back of your hand and feel it.  You will be sold!