Sponsored: Power Through the Day.

As I go through my day, there is always one thing by my side. My handbag. I think of it as my other “BFF” as it contains just about everything I need to power through my day. Seriously, I cannot get through the day without it. If only it would listen to me... ha!

In my handbag, I have an arsenal of goodies to help me power through. Let’s take a look.

Of course, I have my keys, wallet, sunglasses and iPhone, but there are many more necessities. I am addicted to my iPad and it comes with me everywhere. I also carry a small digital camera with me. Having four kids, I often find myself want to snap great memories. As a migraine sufferer, I always carry around my prescription medicine in a pretty little cosmetic bag, along with some ibuprofen, just in case. In another bag, I have some emergency items; safety pins, band aids, a nail file and my phone charger. Obviously, I have a makeup bag in there, though I only carry a few key products. I carry a small can of hairspray, concealer, my favorite “get me through the day looking refreshed” Revlon PhotoReady Eye Primer + Brightener, a mascara, at least 5 lip glosses and a great lip balm or two. My latest lust is the Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter that gives me a hint of color while providing long-lasting hydration. Finally, rolling around the bottom of the bag is a hand cream, some hand sanitizer and a pretty little notepad and a few pens.

Knowing how important a handbag and its’ contents are, ELLE and Revlon are coming together for a great initiative to help women get through their day and conquer any of life's challenges. ELLE will curate 8 unique "power purses" (valued at $3,000 each including bag and contents) with 4 being "dropped" in different locations across the country and 4 simultaneously being available virtually to all ELLE readers.

To join in all the fun, like the Revlon Facebook page and look for the Purse-Uit of Power tab. Here you will find drop location clues, an instant win game, and entry for the virtual designer bag giveaway. Also, if you are near the physical drop locations you will definitely want to visit and enjoy a fun ELLE and Revlon experience. Each location will be offering makeovers, Revlon samples, magazines and more. How fun!

Disclaimer: This is a post sponsored from Revlon/ELLE.