Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine.

Have you caught the spring cleaning bug yet? Every year around this time I start cleaning like a mad woman. Not only do clean everything in sight, change out winter clothes and get rid of things that piled up over the winter, I spring clean all things beauty, of course! I call this spring cleaning my beauty routine.

Check out a few easy ways I incorporate my spring cleaning into my beauty world.

Clean out your makeup bag
Toss old products. Besides throwing away your mascara every 3 months, other products can expire too. If any of your makeup products take on a different color, consistency or smell; it is time to toss them. Bobbi Brown's best selling The Makeup Manual has a handy list to use as a guide. She says that these products will expire in the following amount of time after first opening.

Liquid and Cream Foundation - 2 years
Concealer - 2 years
Powder - 2 years
Mascara - 3 months
Lipstick - 12 to 18 months
Lip and Eye Pencils - 12 to 18 months
Eye Shadow - 2 years
Powder Blush - 2 years
Cream Blush - 2 years
Moisturizer - 2 years
Eye Cream - 6 months
Sunscreen - 2 years
Face Cream - 2 years

Use "lighter" products in warm weather months
I have mentioned a lot recently how I like to use creams in the winter months for my very dry skin, but I change up to liquid, or lotion formulas this time of year. It is much lighter on the skin. I also stop reaching for my heavier foundations as much as I tend to stick to tinted moisturizers. This season it is all about BB Creams, so that is what I am using this time of year.

Give your makeup brushes an overhaul
Check your makeup brushes. I take care of mine and wash them weekly. With great care, a nice set of makeup brushes can last you many, many years. I do notice from time to time that handles split or brush hairs start to come loose. If you start noticing a lot of hairs left behind after sweeping on your favorite shadow, it is probably time to throw that one away and invest in a replacement.

Go for brighter and/or softer shades of makeup
You can't miss seeing all the bright trends of makeup this season. Besides bright pops of color and neon on the lips and nails, it is the perfect time of year to experiment a bit. Go neutral on the eyes, bold on the lips. Or do a pastel eye with a matching glossy pink lip. Or just add a punch of color to the cheeks. I like to change up a brown/black eyeliner to a more brown or bronzed shade. It simply makes your overall look appear softer.


On nails, go for bolds and brights
Stay away from the dark, vampy and red shades for nails this season. Even though on occasion I do like a nude or soft pastel nail, this year I am addicted to neons and brights. The easiest way wear the new neon trend is on your nails. Don't be afraid to be bold and bright. Neons are in! The Sephora by OPI Neon Lights had four bright shades plus a base and top coat.

Give your teeth that extra clean and sparkle
Because one of my bi-annual dentist visits happen to fall in May each year, I pay extra attention to my teeth and give them a little spring clean, sparkle and shine. I just discovered a new way to brush with the Emmi-dent Ultrasonic Toothbrush. The 100% ultrasonic toothbrush is motionless, but cleans my teeth like I never have at home before. I feel like I just had a professional teeth cleaning when I use it every night. I swear it is helping my smile stay whiter too. For extra whitening, I do a whitening treatment for a few days this time of year too. I have been using the REMBRANDT Deeply White 2 Hour Whitening Kit and it's super easy to use and my teeth have whitened by a few shades after just a few treatments.

Self-tanning season is here
You know I am a self-tanner and my routine is in full swing. Whether you want a light glow or an all out just back from the Bahamas self-tan, now is the time to start. Exfoliate your skin every day for a week and moisturize a few times a day prior to starting your self-tanning routine. If you are new to self-tanning or always have a hard time, start slow with a gradual tanner like Jergens Natural Glow. Or get a friend to help and airbrush you with a self-tanning like Neutrogena MicroMist Airbrush Sunless Tan. Either way, you'll be on your way to a beautiful faux glow.

What do you change up as we head into the warm weather months? How do you spring clean your beauty routine?