St. Tropez Wash Off Instant Glow Body Lotion.

If you are looking for an instant tan without the commitment of a self tanner, I have found something for you.  From St. Tropez, known for their superior tanning products, Wash Off Instant Glow Body Lotion does just as its name suggests. 

First the product adds color to the skin. It smoothes on easily and dries quickly. When I am needing a little more color, especially on my legs, this has been saving me. I usually use just one application, but I tried layering on two. After about 10 minutes and the first layer was completely dry, I applied a second layer of the lotion and the color I received was darker, a very nice olive tan shade in fact.  This is never orange or too golden looking.

Second, it stays put until you wash it off too. It just so happened to be raining out very lightly the first time I tried it and the color stayed - no streaks. Yay! See why I have been using it ever since? As long as I use my mesh sponge in the shower with a little shower gel, all of the product is removed easily. I am careful to wash around my knees and ankles as the color does tend to adhere to drier parts of my skin such as these.

Lastly, it comes in a nice lotion that adds a little glos and just makes the skin look better when using.

Now, I have only been using this on my legs, but with a careful hand and some good blending skills, it could be used anywhere for a nice, natural glow.

St. Tropez Wash Off Instant Glow Body Lotion sells for $18.00 on the St. Tropez site and also can be purchased at