Stay Safely Sun-kissed All Summer with KORRES.

Because a trip to the Mediterranean isn’t always in the budget, Korres brings a piece of Greece to you with Suncare Face & Body products. Made with natural ingredients such as Watermelon, Orange and real, edible Yoghurt, these three products help to protect the skin from damaging rays, facilitate safe and effective tanning and repair accidental over-exposure.

WATERMELON Suncare Face Cream SPF 30 - $28.00
This shea butter-infused sunscreen face cream is formulated with natural filter Titanium dioxide for broad-spectrum sun protection. Watermelon extract, rich in naturally derived vitamins, carbohydrates and amino acids, supports the UV-stressed skin immune system, prevents photo-aging and decreases erythema.

SWEET ORANGE Sprayable Face & Body Emulsion SPF 25 - $28.00
Flavonoid-rich orange extract accelerates skin tanning and reinforces melanin’s photo-protective role. The natural filter Zinc oxide, along with Shea butter, provides broad-spectrum sun protection.

YOGHURT Cooling Gel
- $23.50
This ultra cooling and soothing cream-gel provides long-lasting, refreshing comfort for face and body. Yoghurt, a natural source of lactose, proteins, minerals and vitamins, increases the water content of the skin’s top layers, instantly relieving UV-induced redness and burning sensation. Epilobium angustifolium and Fennel extracts provide exceptional anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant benefits, helping sun-exposed skin recover.

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