StriVectin LABS Extreme Cream.

Moisturizers that last all day

With the extreme cold temperatures, extremely dry skin becomes a problem for most of us. That means we need our skin care to do extreme things for us, just like the brand new StriVectin LABS Extreme Cream. This new beauty promises to offer extreme moisture, extreme rejuvenation and extreme results in one jar.

StriVectin LABS Extreme Cream

This new StriVectin LABS Extreme Cream is extreme in the fact that it delivers deep continuous hydration that lasts over 24 hours, not that is something I both want and need. It does so with the advanced formula that is of course infused with the brands patented NIA-114 technology to naturally repair skin to reduce signs of aging and hyperpigmentation. It also infuses into it an energizing oxygen complex that works to absorb deeply into the skin which helps to really hydrate the skin deeply with moisture.

Extreme Cream is made with breakthrough technology that makes it unbelievably silky feeling and lightweight.

StriVectin LABS Extreme Cream |

I love that it feels hydrating but not heavy on my face and neck. My skin definitely feels moisturized all day long and looks more smooth. My fine lines are plumped throughout the day which is also a really good thing.

StriVectin LABS Extreme Cream just launched on QVC, where it is selling for $99.18 right now. Its regular price is $120.00.