StriVectin–AR™ Advanced Retinol Night Treatment.

What happens when you marry two significant anti-aging ingredients in one? You get a powerful product, and that is just what the latest from StriVectin is. Simply, the new StriVectin–AR™ Advanced Retinol Night Treatment combines NIA-114™ with Retinol to make a product that is faster and smarter. That is what I want when it comes to anti-aging treatments.

Why you should be using a retinol night treatment in your anti-aging routine.

I am sure you have heard of Retinol and just how powerful of an ingredient it is. Retinol is the usual go-to ingredient of scientists and dermatologists, and that is why you see it in so many products. It is a form of Vitamin A that is essential for skin cell turnover and growth. NIA-114™ is StriVectin's patented molecule. It is one of the most active forms of Niacin, and helps to strengthen the skins barrier as it gets down deeper into skins layers. So when these two ingredients are combined, the Retinol gets deeper into the layers of the skin with NIA-114™ , where you want it to work. The end result is a treatment that significantly reduces the appearance of deep-set wrinkles and fine lines, hydrates and deeply nourishes the skin, even the skins tone, makes firmness stronger, and refines texture.

I have been using StriVectin–AR™ Advanced Retinol Night Treatment for just over two weeks now. I use it at night only, after my serum and before my night-time moisturizer. Almost immediately I have noticed my skin take on a more radiant and youthful look. I cannot quite put my finger on it, but as my skin tone is much more even and firm, it just looks better. As I continue to use it, I expect to see at least some of the results that were found in clinical studies following 12 weeks of use:

  • 26X improvement in skin tone
  • 7X improvement in wrinkles
  • 4X improvement in skin firmness
  • 3X improvement in texture

If my early results are any indication, this is an anti-aging product that I will continue to use.

StriVectin–AR™ Advanced Retinol Night Treatment comes in one large 1.7 oz. size, and retails for $109.00. I use about the size of a dime to completely cover my face and neck. Shop online at or at Nordstrom.