Suave Scalp Solutions.

We all want beautiful hair. But what about when we have an issue like dandruff? You obviously want to get rid of the dandruff and do what you can get beautiful hair. And maintain it. This is where the NEW Suave® Scalp Solutions comes in.

You see, the Scalp Solutions line of products includes shampoos and conditioners that are clinically proven to fight flakes. Not only do the salon-quality shampoos and conditioners relieve symptoms of dandruff, but it has great fragrances and moisturizing ingredients that will make women fall in love with their hair, leaving it soft, shiny and beautifully fragrant. And free of dandruff.

Scalp Solutions comes in three scents-

  • Nourishing Coconut & Shea Butter
  • Invigorating Mint & Eucalyptus
  • Invigorating Ocean Minerals & Aloe Vera 2-n-1

Look for Suave at your drugstore or mass retailer now. Each product retails for about $3.99.