Summer Skin with SUPER by Dr. Nicholas Perricone.

Did you know that Dr. Perricone had a line of all natural skin care products? I didn't. I mean, I did see the SUPER products, but I had no idea that it was an all natural line. When you marry and well renowned dermatologist that creates a very effective line of skin care products with natural ingredients you get something pretty wonderful. The name super does come to mind. Meet SUPER by Dr. Nicholas Perricone.

SUPER is a preventative, effective and complete skincare line that harnesses the power of Superfoods into a skin care line. SUPER is inspired by nature, backed by science. For the first time in a dermatologist-created line, SUPER proves that skincare can be formulated without the use of controversial chemicals and remain efficacious, results-focused and ingredient-driven.
To explain a bit more, Dr. Perricone discovered that specific foods have a superpower effect on the skin, encouraging healthy aging and overall radiance. Superfoods contain the highest concentration of phytochemicals, plant based chemicals that activate age-fighting processes, triggering a positive effect on gene expression. Put simply, these foods turn off the genes that prematurely age us and turn on the genes that fight it.

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I have been using three of the products form the line that are geared to helping summer ravaged skin. 

Daylight Savings SPF 25 Moisturizer - $38.00
This daily moistruizer is light enough for hot summer weather, but nourishing enough to keep skin hydrated. The secret to this product is Turmeric, as it is loaded with antioxidant Curcumin, a potent anti-inflammatory known to heal UV damaged skin. Zinc Oxide is added, which is a natural mineral. This provides the non-chemical sunscreen protection that is a must-have.

Sun Kissed Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 25 - $42.00
Summer is the perfect time for a tinted moisturizer, and this one is different from the most that I have tried in the past. This is a more lotion/liquid version that leaves a nice light tint to the skin. This one is also loaded with Turmeric and Zinc Oxide, along with Vitamin C Ester to visibly improve the skins tone and texture, while Mica and Iron Oxides are blended to offer the natural tint.

Coconut Quench Hydrating Mist - $38.00
This coconut water mist is my skin care savior and it will be in my beach bag for some time to come. The proteins, amino acids and other vitamins in the coconut water alone are enough to greatly replenish the skin's moisture. But this has so much more. Dr. Perrione's patented mineral compound technology works with the rest of the ingredients to increase cellular turnover and drive the nutrients deep into the skin, providing the relief it needs. It absorbs almost instantly and leaves a healthy dewy look to the skin. Plus it smells like dummer - divine.

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