Taking a Skin Care Break.

What? Who would take a skin care break? That would be me. Well, sort of.

Once in a while, my skin starts acting up. It becomes itchy and tight. I know it is part of my job to test out all of the products I highlight here on Beautiful Makeup Search, and I am bound to get irritations. I have not pinned down exactly what I have been using the last few days to make me be so dry and itchy, and really I could simply be using too many powerful products at the same time.

So, what is a girl to do? I am taking a skin care break. Not for long, I am just taking a few days off of trying new skin care products and only use what I know what works.  It is what I normally do when this happens.

I have two go to products that I use when I take a skin care break.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser
This is my go to everyday cleanser that I use when I am not testing other cleansing products. It has never irritated my skin, nor left it dry or itchy at all. It removes every bit of dirt and oil from my skin while leaving it feeling smooth, soft and most importantly clean and calm.

Clinique Comfort on Call
This super thick cream was actually formulated by CLinique for reactive skin types. I have read that many people who undergo peels and other facial procedures use this to calm their skin. I use it many a nights, especially in the winter and drier months. It is also my go to cream for my intermittent skin care breaks.

I am hoping to resume normal testing of skin care on Tuesday, after taking a short three days off. This is usually the amount of time my skin requires to get back to "normal", or its normal state anyway.

Do you ever take a skin care break? What are your go to products that calm and soothe your skin?