Talk About Restorative; These are Super Restorative.

There comes a point in life where skin needs a bit of extra help. I have been at "that time" for some time now. Even if you are not at the time when your skin is in continual need of extra help, a weekly or monthly skin re-charge is always in order.

I have been re-charging my face and neck a few days a week with this great Super Restorative combo from Clarins. What a delightful re-charge it has been.

First, I use the Super Restorative Replenishing Comfort Mask. It is a thick, rich creamy white cream mask that hydrates and tightens my skin, while even-ing out my skin tone. It can be come quite addicting, especially when you feel skin needs an extra pick me up. Which for me, is like I said, a few times a week.

I follow up the mask with this wonderful Super Restorative Wake-Up Lotion. This is a thicker toner-like liquid that is meant to be splashed over the face, though I like to apply it and gently swipe away impurities by using it on a cotton pad. It is a perfect compliment to the mask as it further wakes up the skin and makes it appear even more fresh. This lotion can be used in place of toner everyday, but I find it best as a follow up to the mask, for a mini-facial, if you will.

Both of these Restorative beauties are available at Clarins counters as well as their