tarte Supersize Brazilliance Self-Tanning Essentials.

Tomorrow tarte is going to be on QVC with an amazing Today's Special Value and I am here to tell you about it today! It is for one of tarte's best-selling products, Brazilliance, in a supersize plus a brand new product, all packaged together. Get excited for the tarte Supersize Brazilliance Self-Tanning Essentials as this set will give you that just back from the beach glow in hours. Check out what you'll be getting in the TSV then read below for my thoughts.

tarte Supersize Brazilliance Self-Tanning Essentials

The tarte Supersize Brazilliance Self-Tanning Essentials:

SUPERSIZE Skin Rejuvenating Brazilliance Maracuja Self-Tanner
This self-tanner is a bronze tinted creamy gel hybrid formula that glides on with the application mitt (below). It is infused with maracuja oil so it is good for the skin as it self-tans it. It is formulated with PUREshield scent control technology so it smells more like a spa than it does a normal self-tanner. The look is immediately bronze and develops into a natural golden glow after 3-4 hours. The tan I get from this is believable, yet light. To get the medium tan color I like, I need 3 applications because it is such a natural self-tanner, which is a great thing, especially for those new to self-tanning. It goes on very smooth with no streaks. This supersized version is double the size of their best seller so the value is huge.

tarte Supersize Brazilliance Self-Tanner

Application Mitt
This mitt is key to getting a mess-free, streak-free, bronzed look. I apply about a quarter sized amount for each body part (lower leg, upper leg, arm, etc.). It was developed specifically for use with Brazilliance so it does not absorb too much of the product. It ensures that you can glide it over the skin easily and get the most believable natural looking tan.

Brazilliance Skin Rejuvenating Maracuja Self-Tanning Facial Towelettes
These are brand new and super easy to apply for the perfect dose of sun. One towelette gives my face and neck an even, streak free glow. I use this before using the Brazilliance Self-Tanner because I need to wash my hands after using. I love that they are portable. The TSV includes 5 individually packaged towelettes.

Brazilliance Skin Rejuvenating Maracuja Self-Tanning Facial Towelettes

The tarte Supersize Brazilliance Self-Tanning Essentials is available on QVC and QVC.com with Item #A252281 for $49.98 today May 2, 2014 ONLY as it is the QVC TSV (for this day only). They even have it available on 2 Easy Pay payment of $24.99 and have an auto-delivery option available so be sure to check those out as well.