Teen Beauty: Eyeshadow Not Lasting All Day?

I am so excited that my daughter Caci is now contributing in our new Teen Beauty section. Caci is (almost!) 15 years old and has really been into skin care and makeup lately. She is thrilled to be sharing it here on Beautiful Makeup Search as she discovers what works for her. She will be writing at Teen Beauty at least once a week, but I hope for more when she gets a chance. To check out her posts, be sure to select the Teen Beauty heading above.

Here is her initial post for Teen Beauty, and it's about one of the products I use on a daily basis as well:

Being a busy girl in school and sports along with trying to wear makeup is nothing short of a HUGE dilemma.  It is not so much the time that it takes for me to play and look my best when wearing makeup; it is trying to make it look like I still have my face on at lunch time.

I know I should have just asked my Mom, but I did a bit of research myself and found out that I need to bring primers into my life. So with that, I finally asked Mom what to try first. She pointed me to Urban Decay and the Primer Potions, of which there are 3. Of which, all are for me!

These primers are like genies in a bottle. Yes, the bottle represents that, I know, but it is so true. Once applied, eye shadow adheres to the potion which makes shadow stay in place on the eyelids all day long.To quote the brand on this thought, "The genie in these bottles fulfills three wishes: eye shadow that lasts, more vibrant and lasting color, and absolutely NO creasing."

I said that there were 3 Primer Potions, and they all work the same but just look a little bit different on the eye. The original one is pretty nude in color and virtually disappears on the eyelid after it dries. Then there are the two lightly shaded Primer Potions. There is Sin, which is more of a champagne color that click to finish article in Teen Beauty.