Teen Beauty: FLIRT! Fall Fairytale Style Box.

If only life were more like a fairy tale and less like real life...

These last few weeks have been an adjustment. I started high school, and it's been tough. Going from a school with 800 students to one with over 2,500 is challenging to say the least. I am exposed to new people, new places, new routines, new languages (why am I taking Latin?) and, well, I could go on and on. But you get the point. I am also on the Volleyball team. I am pretty new to the sport, but I like it, though I am sore in places that I didn't even think there were muscles!

All in all, being in high school and on a sports team is taking up so much of my time, more so than what I would have thought. I have NO TIME to get pretty, so I am looking for time savers any which way I can. This new Style Box from FLIRT! is saving me time and helping me dream, if only for a few minutes, that I am living a fairytale life. Funny how it is called the Fall Fairytale Style Box for Eyes and Cheeks!

Can you believe just how pretty those colors are?

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