Teen Beauty: OXY® On-The-Go Acne Stick.

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We all know that OXY® is a trusted skin care brand. Did you know that they have been around for more than 40 years?  OXY® is continuously developing new products like the new groundbreaking OXY® On-The-Go Acne Stick. The OXY® On-The-Go Acne Stick has become a staple in my house; all of my kids have been using this handy treatment for their occasional breakouts, but it has become an everyday must-have for my 17-year-old son, Joey. 

OXY® On-The-Go Acne Stick

Out of my four children, it seems that my youngest Joey has had to deal with small acne breakouts the worst. Maybe I just didn't notice it with the others, or it is because Joey is so much more worried about it than my other children, but Joey has had to deal with acne for a more than a few years now.

I started to notice Joey's acne when Joey became active in team sports. He wears a chin guard, hat, and helmet that effect his breakouts. I swear his acne is caused by the bacteria and sweat from his sporting equipment because he gets the breakouts exactly where he wears the sporting equipment.

I have often caught Joey with my concealer and beautyblender sponge (you need to give him points for being observant) trying to conceal his acne. When he was about 16, he finally came to me wanting a skin care routine to banish the breakouts. Let me tell you, the boy has been pretty strict about his regimen and he has done a pretty great job at getting his breakouts under control. Except for the occasional breakout which he treats with the OXY® On-The-Go Acne Stick, I no longer catch Joey with my concealer. And let's face it, playing football with concealer running down your face is not a look a teen boy is proud of... and he has been there. Just look at how clear his skin is!

Joey Cosenzi

OXY® On-The-Go Acne Stick is an effective, easy-to-use and mess-free acne treatment. It features benzoyl peroxide which is the #1 active ingredient recommended by dermatologists to kill acne-causing bacteria. 

The new OXY® On-The-Go Acne Stick is packaged in a slim, solid, twist-up pen-sized applicator. Because it is in solid form, it is extremely portable, and there is no need to worry about leakage. Users DO NOT need to visit a bathroom to wash their faces and hands as part of the treatment process; simply apply and go. OXY® On-The-Go Acne Stick goes on clear and stays on clear; it does not stain clothing and towels or leave behind any residue as many benzoyl peroxide products do.

OXY® On-The-Go Acne Stick
OXY® On-The-Go Acne Stick

Dermatologists agree that regular, consistent use of acne treatments increases the likelihood of achieving and maintaining clearer skin. Because it is so easy to use and goes on clear via the handy mess-free applicator, teens can spot-treat at any time.

OXY On-The-Go Acne Stick
OXY® On-The-Go Acne Stick

Joey keeps an OXY® On-The-Go Acne Stick in his car, his nightstand beside his bed, his gym bag and in his backpack — I told you it had become an everyday must have for him. When it helps to give you clear skin as he has in the picture above, why wouldn't he be obsessed?

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The OXY® On-The-Go Acne Stick is available at nationwide retailers including Target and Rite Aid and online. Learn more about the OXY® On-The-Go Acne Stick at oxyskincare.com

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