Temporary Touch Up with TouchBack.

I swear that I see gray hairs popping up around my hairline more and more often these days. Usually, I am good to wait three weeks into a coloring before I have to use my Root-Touch Up to hide the grays. Not anymore. In about 10 days time, I am starting to see those pesky grays peek through. When I pull my hair back, they are really noticeable and I need a disguise. My new mask? TouchBack.

TouchBack is like a temporary, yet stubborn, marker for the hair.  But this temporary fix is different. It bonds to the hair and blends in like no other product I have tried before. Yet, it washes out when I shampoo.

"TouchBack's patented formula uses certified hair colors, but without harsh chemicals — no ammonia or peroxide — so, it's gentle on your hair."

The marker is genius with it's specially designed tip. So genius, in fact, that it won an Insiders Choice Beauty Award from CEW this year.  You see, the color flows out of the tip with gentle pressure and it comes out evenly as you run it through the hair. And it dries quick so you don't need to worry about any kind of drip marks at all. When dried, you can even brush it through and nothing comes off - no flakes, no color. It simply stays put until it is washed out.

TouchBack is available online for $29.95 and is now available in Ulta stores as well. It comes in a range of eight shades (I use Golden Blonde) so there is always an easy match to your hair color.

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