The Latest from La Mer: The Regenerating Serum.

When looking for the latest in anti-aging technology, La Mer is constantly a brand I look to. With it's fine reputation over the years with powerhouse products used by women of all ages trying to prevent and trun back the hands of time, it is no wonder they have developed this next step in a wrinkle fighting serum.

The labs at La Mer have long thought or wrinkles as "micro-scars", and in treating them as such, has developed The Regenerating Serum. Made with it's new and exclusive Regenerating Ferment, this ingredient helps skin trigger its natural production of collagen, elastin and other "youth proteins", all in order to helps the skin's own renewing abilities.

Just listen to this line-up of ingredients: Miracle Broth, the original fermented elixir at the heart of all La Mer products; The Regenerating Ferment, this new bio-ferment containing very potent plant stem cells; The Marine Peptide Ferment, another one of La Mer's anti-aging ingredients; Colloidal Gold, a super-conductor that helps attract all of the ingredients deeper into the skin; and Lime Tea, used as an antioxidant.

The Regenrating Serum is to be used twice a day after a regular cleansing and toning routine, before moisturizing. A 1 oz. bottle is $250, which, yes, is on the expensive side, but that does not scare me from this. You can pick up a sample at your closest La Mer counter to see just how well this works and be sold.In just the few short times I have tested it, my skin feels softer, smoother and more firm than it has in a long time.

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*Review sample provided by brand.