The Smoky, Sultry and Smoldering Eye Palettes from Bobbi Brown.

You can never have enough eye palettes, can you?

Well, I know many of you agree with me, but many of you also probably want to keep it much simpler and have just what you need right at your fingertips. Well, no matter how you feel, these new eye palettes from Bobbi Brown's new Smoky, Sultry and Smoldering Collection are must haves. Being that I cannot have enough, I want all three of them. While those of you that want just what you need, can choose your glam, and still have your eye look done just right.

Each palette features a base, an eye liner color plus a bold metallic and a dramatic shade of Bobbi's new Long-Wear Eye Paint. It doesn't get easier than that.

The three palettes are titled after the collection. There is smoky, sultry and smoldering.


  • White Eye Shadow (Pure White)
  • Tin Metallic Eye Shadow (Steal Icy Blue)
  • Storm Eye Shadow (Dark Grey)
  • Onyx Long-Wear Eye Paint (Rich Black)


  • Bone Eye Shadow (Off White)
  • Antique Gold Metallic Eye Shadow (Deep Gold Sparkle)
  • Caviar Eye Shadow (Black Brown)
  • Brandy Long-Wear Eye Paint (Rich Golden Bronze)


  • Ivory Eye Shadow (Creamy White)
  • Heather Lilac Metallic Eye Shadow (Pink Heather)
  • Charcoal Eye Shadow (Dark Grey)
  • Port Long-Wear Eye Paint (Deep Plum)

Each Eye Palette retails for $45, and is available right now at Bobbi Brown counters, and on her website