The Ultimate Beauty Resource: the L’Oréal Paris NEW Website.


I am pretty much obsessed with the new L’Oréal Paris website. It is not your usual product site, because this website is so much more. It is all about you, your beauty and the site contains such a huge amount of helpful beauty information. It's the ultimate beauty resource.

As I first logged on, I immediately noticed my current weather. Weather? Yes, my weather with a very helpful product tip was at the top of the page. I could look out the window and know it was cloudy, but it told me how SPF is very important even on cloudy days. And guess what? I remembered to put on my sunscreen that day. I thought, it doesn't get more personalized than that, but it does.

The site features a "My Signature Beauty" service that is super customized. I entered the "My Beauty Picks" section to receive personalized products picks and very useful information. It only took a few minutes to fill out a little survey where I filled in things like my hair color, skin tone, eye color, skin care concerns, etc., and then the site became tailored just for me. Not only did it recommend products for me, it told me how to use them with expert beauty tips from L’Oréal Paris pro's. My perfect makeup look, skincare regimen and perfect shade of hair color were available - within seconds.

Beside getting the personalized beauty suggestions, there is an extensive "Beauty Library" that features a seemingly endless amount of beauty articles and videos that can be filtered by category. Whether it is information about hair care, skin care or makeup that you want; it is here. L’Oréal Paris teamed up with AOL to ensure that this section has up-to-the minute, trend-focused beauty information.

Another notable area of the site is the "Genius Tools & Consultations" feature. Here you will get expert advice from L’Oréal Paris’ roster of consulting beauty pros – including makeup artist Billy B., hair stylist Johnny Lavoy, dermatologist Dr. Gervaise Gerstner, nail expert Tom Bachik and hair colorist Christophe Robin. It is like having a top dermatologist, hair stylist and makeup artist at the ready.

The new L’Oréal Paris website is also the first major beauty site to provide optimal viewing across all devices. Forget those bare bones mobile sites, I am experiencing the same great site, tools and information whether I am on my desktop, laptop, iPad or mobile phone. How cool is that?

Check out the site now and play. The official address for you to easily remember is I know you will find it an ultimate beauty resource for a long time to come.