The Wantable Makeup Box.

There is another sample box on the market and this one was made just for us makeup lovers. Sounds great, right? Meet Wantable.

Now, I am admittedly not a fan of sample boxes after trying and comparing beauty sample boxes late last year. Let's take a look at Wantable and see if I have changed my mind.

Wantable Makeup Box Review

When going to website,, you can select from different boxes. Currently there is makeup, accessories and intimates. I am obviously going to talk about the makeup box, so you under makeup, you would click on "select box". This will bring you the a page showing this months box. It is a subscription service, in which for $36, you will get a new makeup box each month. You can also just purchase a one-off box for $40.

You next go through a very intensive quiz so the service gets to know you, about your coloring, needs, likes and dislikes. It took me about 10 minutes. I "told" the quiz what colors and formulas I liked to get a very customized box.

The box I received was the August box and it contained 5 full sizes makeup products, plus two samples. The box was curated by expert Matthew Ambrosio and he centered the box around bold eyeliner. In the box was an FACE Stockholm Gel Eyeliner in Brown ($24), a Japonesque Smudger Brush in a travel size, to apply the liner ($14.50), a Michael Marcus Brow Pencil in a Blonde Shade ($24), a FACE Stockholm Blush in a pretty rose shade ($20.00, and a Rainbow Honey Nail Lacquer in Mint Flavor ($10). You can see the value is there. The products separately would cost $92.50. Would I have necessarily bought these items? Now that is the question.

Wantable Makeup Box Review

I really like the eyeliner, blush and smudger brush. As far as the brow pencil goes, I have never heard of Michael Marcus and the brow pencil color was wrong. I must have mentioned that I have blond hair in my profile, but my brows are far from blonde. I have never heard of Rainbow Honey Nail Lacquer either, and for the price, the quality is just not there. Can I justify the $36 for the products I like? Sure. I could have done without the samples though. I am not for trying an eyeshadow on a card and the lip balm seemed a little too homemade for my taste, but all in all it was a very good value. Knowing that each box contains 4-6 full sized items is definitely a plus.

If you are already a fan of beauty sample boxes, I would highly recommend this one for you, as you already know what to expect. But for someone as picky as me, I am still undecided. I really am torn on this one. While I would usually say you would be better off spending your hard earned cash on something you really want, I really liked three of the products that are far worth more than what I would have paid. I think I will need to see a few more boxes to give it a better judgement. I will let you know!