Thoughts on CoverGirl Simply Ageless Foundation.

By now, I think you all know that Ellen DeGeneres is the spokesmodel for the CoverGirl Olay Simply Ageless Foundation. If you have been following closely, you should have noticed that many of you have had trouble opening the foundation. I had trouble opening it. Even Ellen had trouble opening it. I think it is about time to talk about how I feel about the foundation, and I hope you chime in with your thoughts too.



I initially purchased Simply Ageless in the shades Ivory and Classic Ivory, as I am usually one of the fairest shades in a foundation line-up. After applying, I quickly realized that these were both too light for me. I had purchased mine at CVS, where they have a fabulous return policy, so they let me exchange them for different shades. It is probably important to note that CoverGirl also has a 100% satisfaction guarantee with this foundation, so wherever you purchase, they will take it back for you - for any reason. So, this time I selected Creamy Natural and Buff Beige. Creamy Natural was the perfect shade for my skintone. I am keeping Buff Beige for when I faux tan.

I applied the foundation with the sponge provided and I noticed right away that it did not settle into my fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes or mouth. Not many foundations settle when first applied, so the true test would be to take a look at the end of the day.  Simply Ageless did indeed hold up all day and never settled into my lines. I was very impressed. The coverage was sheer, but once I had set it with my MAC Studio Fix Powder, I was good to go. The next time I tried Simply Ageless, I applied it with a foundation brush and smoothed it out with my fingers. This gave me more of a medium coverage, which is what I look for in a foundation. Applying it this way, I also noticed that after a long day the foundation never settled or caked up around my lines and wrinkles.

My Mother, who hasn't worn a foundation in years because of the very reason that she is 65 years old and everything she tries only accentuates her wrinkles, was definitely intrigued by my explaining this to her. This is when I really noticed how well Simply Ageless works. The foundation seemed to glide over her face using the enclosed sponge, and it never settled into her wrinkles at all. He face instantly looked 10+ years younger - really. She refused to use powder, so I don't think the foundation lasted as long as it did on me, but it certainly did a great job. It made her wrinkles look almost diffused and left her with a soft glow.

Overall, you need to follow through and try this product. Especially if you are older or really have a concern about your wrinkles. While I really liked it for my skin, I loved it on my Mother - and she did too. Trust me - that speaks volumes!

Hopefully P&G will work on a packaging redesign - I cannot ignore that so many of us had problems opening it. But once past that, Simply Ageless is simply great!

Pick up Simply Ageless Foundation at your favorite drugstore or mass retailer for about $13.99. My local CVS price was $15.99.

For those of you have tried it, what do you think? I look forward to your thoughts in the comments.