Tocca 'Kona' Candle Exclusive at Bluemercury.

When Tocca asked Bluemercury founder Marla Malcolm Beck to create a candle exclusively for them, Marla thought about her memories of childhood. She spent summers along the Kona coast of Hawaii, which directly inspired the scent - and name.

Kona is a beautiful white candle that softly swifts the essence of coconut and hibiscus through the air. It is not heavy, but after burning, the lightly tropical scent lingers for days.

I am quite particular with the candles that I burn in my bathroom for that occasional relaxing soak in the tub. This candle is right there and it is instantly relaxing when added to my bathing experience.  That fact that I am picky about my candle choices here, says a lot as far is Kona is concerned.

As Kona is exclusive to Bluemercury, that is where you will have to pick this one up, either in store (store locations listed here) or online at This candle sells for $36.00.