Top 10 Ways to Use Q-tips in Your Beauty Routine.

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, creating our holiday makeup and nails looks are no easy task when short on time. It is that time of year when you want to look your best, but there just isn't all the extra time to do it. I use a simple and unexpected beauty tool that is helping me in my beauty routine that helps me in more ways than one -- not only during the holidays, but all throughout the year. The beauty tool I am talking about? Q-tips! I have long used Q-tips in my beauty routine for a variety of things, but I didn't even realize how many ways I use them in my beauty routine until I sat down to write this.

Top 10 Ways to Use Q-tips in Your Beauty Routine

Not only do I use Q-tips Cotton Swabs, but I also use Q-tips Precision Tips which were made with tapered ends specially designed for precise application and touch-ups. These are perfect for nails, eyes, lips and more – easy to achieve the ultimate holiday makeup look. They are soft and gentle, made with 100% cotton so you can use them on all delicate areas of the face, including around the eyes.

Q-tipsQ-tips Cotton Swabs

Q-tipsQ-tips Cotton Swab

Q-tipsQ-tips Precision Tips

Q-tipsQ-tips Precision Tips Cotton Swab

Q-tips are convenient, light and portable to use on the go and disposable. They offer a fresh and clean application each and every time. I even carry a purse pack with me because I never know when I'll need a quick touch up.


Check out the top ten ways I use Q-tips in my beauty routine.

1. Remove Eye Makeup
This is obvious, but maybe not so obvious. Q-tips are perfect for removing eye makeup, like stubborn mascara, waterproof eyeliner and brow pencil. Especially when so many products are made long wearing these days, a Q-tip dipped into an oil based eye makeup remover does the trick at removing everything in a cinch.

2. Clean Up Makeup Mistakes
How many times have you smeared your mascara on your brow bone or gotten a dab or it under your lower lashes? A gentle swipe of a Q-tip can easily remove the mistake. I always first try to remove the mistake without makeup remover so I don't disturb other makeup. If that doesn't work, then I use the appropriate makeup remover and then fix the makeup.

3. Mix Concealer + Eye Cream
This is my number one makeup trick, and once you try it, you will be hooked. To fill in fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes, try mixing a bit of your favorite eye cream with your concealer and then apply it under your eyes. To do this, take a few dabs of eye cream and a few drops of concealer and mix it with the pointed end of a Q-tips Precision Tips and then apply it to the undereye area with a regular Q-tips Cotton Swab.

Top 10 Ways to Use Q-tips in Your Beauty Routine

4. Smudge Eyeliner
For a soft eyeliner look or smoky eye, smudge eyeliner with a Q-tip Cotton Swab. I especially like doing this with a dark, matte eyeshadow this time of year.

5. Apply Pot Lip Balm
Pot lip balms are great to keep lips moisturized and prevent them from chapping, but sticking your fingers into the pot over and over is unsanitary. I use the pointed end of the Q-tips Precision Tips and scoop up a little bit of the lip balm and apply it over lips and then rub lips together.

Top 10 Ways to Use Q-tips in Your Beauty Routine

6. Mix Lip Colors
Creating your own custom lip color is fun and something I do pretty often, especially when I want to soften up a shade. It's easy to do this with a Q-tips Precision Tips. Just rub the Q-tips Precision Tips along the back of a lipstick tube of one color, then the back of the lipstick tube of another (or however many shades you choose) then mix them on the back of your hand and mix together. Apply with another Q-tips Precision Tip.

7. Apply Cuticle Cream
I like to precisely apply my cuticle cream to my dry cuticles, especially during this time of year, and the Q-tips Precision Tips makes it simple to do so. I just squeeze a small amount of my favorite cuticle cream onto the tips and apply to my cuticle before rubbing in. Easy!

Top 10 Ways to Use Q-tips in Your Beauty Routine

8. Create Nail Art
I am the first to admit that I am not great with nail art, but I can create lines and dots with nail polish and I've always made them with Q-tips. Yes, Q-tips! I cut off the tip from the Q-tips Cotton Swab, making sure to use sharp scissors and cut at an angle to make a point. I then dip the point into my nail polish to create my simple nail art.

9. Remove Nail Polish Mistakes
Since I was a teenager, I have used Q-tips Cotton Swabs to remove nail polish mistakes when I over-paint my nails. I pout a little bit of nail polish remover into the cap and then I simply dip the Q-tips Cotton Swab into nail polish remover to clean up any mistake.

Top 10 Ways to Use Q-tips in Your Beauty Routine

10. Apply Spot Treatment
Whether I have a blemish or need to apply treatment to an age spot, the best and only way to apply the treatment is with a Q-tips Cotton Swab.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for which I was compensated and received products for testing. While I was compensated to write a post about Q-tips, all opinions are my own.