Top 5 Ways to Have Hair Free Smooth Skin.

Whether you are wearing short shorts, bare legs or your bathing suit, you want your skin to be hair free and super smooth this summer. There are shelves full of products out there that promise to remove hair in a flash, but a lot of them don't work that well - trust me. I've been there. I've put so many products to the test and have taken short cuts. Simply put, short cuts fail. If you want smooth, hair free skin that lasts, you need products that work.

Top 5 Ways to Have Hair Free Smooth Skin via

Here are 5 products that will help you get that hair free, smooth skin you want.

Top 5 Ways to Have Hair Free Smooth Skin via

1. Venus Embrace Razor
This is my favorite razor. I just love the five curve hugging blades and ribbons of moisture that surround the blades for a smooth shave. For travel, the new Snap with Embrace is perfect.

2. eos Shave Cream
Along with a great razor, you need a great shave cream. My pick is this shave cream that is infused with natural shea butter and aloe for 24 hours of deep moisture. It nourishes and softens skin so your freshly shaves skin is totally smooth and soft. I love the lavender jasmine scent. Look for the handy travel friendly size too.

3. Nad's Brazilian and Bikini Wax
A DIY bikini wax doesn't have to be that difficult when you follow the detailed instructions with this at-home kit. This kit contains four templates that make it easy - and personal. I love the mango and peach scent too. This kit is even good on the underarms, anywhere that hair is more coarse.

4. Juara Invigorating Coffee Scrub
A great scrub is the key to smooth hair free skin. It primes skin for a close shave or wax and loosens the hair follicle to prevent those pesky ingrown hairs. I like this scrub that invigorates and "wakes up" the skin with actual coffee beans. Bonus: brighter skin.

5. Nad's Natural Hair Removal Gel Kit
No matter where you need to remove unwanted hair, this gel is one of the easiest things to use. It is even gentle enough to use on the face. The method does take some getting used to with the cloth strips and spatula, but once doing it correctly, results can last up to eight weeks.

Dare to go as bare as you want this summer!