Treat Dry, Damaged Nails with Duri Herbatherapy!

Yet another consequence of the dry, cold weather is the dry, ragged and torn cuticles that I deal with every winter. Thankfully there are solutions. One such solution which is a great natural, new one is from Duri and it is called Herbatherapy.


Herbatherapy is a specially formulated precise blend of extracts and oils. Inside, you even see the real herb stem and leaves that continuously release vitamins and micro-elements into the formula. This helps to aid in the softening of your damaged, dry cuticles while moisturizing the nail plate,and creating needed flexibility for your nails.

To use, simply pump a few drops onto the tops of your fingertips and rub into the nails, concentrating on the cuticle areas.

Duri Herbatherapy sells for $10.00 at fine salons or can be purchased by calling 1-800-724-2216 or by logging on to