TRIA Hair Removal Laser Update 2.

I told you about the TRIA Beauty Hair Removal Laser back in October. If you haven't read my introductory post, please take a few minutes to do so, so you can follow along. Basically, I am testing out this new system from TRIA Beauty, a leader in light-based laser technology.

As I said, I am using the TRIA on my underarm area.  I began by using it twice a week. Over the past few weeks, I only use it one time a week. Why? Well, as you need to be cleanly smooth and freshly shaven before using, I cannot use it more than once a week now. Yes, this is progress.  I only have noticeable hair growth after about 5 days, and I am shaving then. The hair is much more thin and less sparse than it was when I began using the TRIA back in November.

I am still using the TRIA on a level 3. I fully thought that I would be able to use it on level 4, but I just don't like the stinging I feel. Some of the pulses don't feel like anything, and then all of a sudden, it almost feels like a bee sting to me. I must be more sensitive in parts, so level 3 it is.

I am thrilled at the progress. So much so, that I now take the time and use it on my legs once a week.  It takes just less than twenty minutes on each leg. I am on level 2 on my legs. The first time I used it on my legs, I did take too long and the battery died on me. But now that I have the pattern and motion in check, I can get a full forty minutes use out of the TRIA before it needs a recharge. It is important to note that when I received the TRIA, I was instructed to use the device twice a week for review purposes. The directions that come with the TRIA are different, explaining to use it once every two weeks. I settled on using it on just once a week on my legs - mainly because of the time involved.

When I began, I thought I would use this on my underarms and bikin area, where I am very sensitive. I think this is why I decided to use it on my legs before bikini area, but now that am quite comfortable with using the TRIA, I think I am going to add in my bikini area now. I doubt I will be able to tolerate anything more than a level 1, but we will see.

Stay tuned for another update the end of February.

The TRIA Hair Removal Laser retails for $395. The website often runs specials, so if you are seriously condering the TRIA Laser, be sure to check it out often for promotional offers and codes. The TRIA Hair Removal Laser is the only FDA-cleared hair removal laser that is approved for permanent hair removal at home.