TRIA Hair Removal Laser Update 3.

I told you about the TRIA Beauty Hair Removal Laser back in October. If you haven't read my introductory post, please do so, so that you can follow along.  Right now, I am in my third month of testing out this at home hair removal laser from TRIA Beauty.

I feel like I am at a stand still with the laser right now. I am still using it about every five days on my underams and legs. Yes, the hair is coming in slower, and I do not have the need to shave before five days. This is progress, but the hair is still coming in. It is well documented that it takes a full six months of treatment before the hair stops growing in, so I realize I still need to continue the treatments and be patient. I cannot wait until I can say that my underarms and legs are hair-free.

Here is a little video from one of the research doctors at TRIA explaining, really briefly, how the TRIA Hair Removal Laser works.

The technology is unsurpassed, and the TRIA is really easy to use.

When I first began my treatments, I was careful to look in the mirror and move the laser very slowly. Over time, it has become much easier to navigate and learn just how to move the laser over my skin to make contact, and in the quickest and easiest way. You know the old saying, practice makes perfect, and this is really true when using the TRIA Laser.

Be sure to heck back at the end of March for another update.