Vaseline Total Moisture Body Lotion.

I was recently sent an unmarked tube of body lotion to test. I was asked to use it for a few weeks and let the secret company know my opinion. It wasn't hard to keep using because just after trying this body lotion once, I knew it would become part of my daily body care routine.

I instantly loved how rich the lotion felt as I smoothed it over my skin. My body, especially my very overly dry legs, felt instantly hydrated, but not overly so. The lotion sunk immediately into my skin leaving it simply soft and smooth. It smelled nice and spring-y too. I couldn't wait to find out what this lotion was because I knew I needed more.

I had a few ideas of who might have made this lotion, but I was so far off base when I found it was from Vaseline. I have use many of the Vaseline lotions in the past, and I really have liked them. But you know me; I like the expensive stuff and usually head to the department store and over pay. This new Vaseline Total Moisture Body Lotion can rival any of my more expensive faves, any day.

The new and improved Vaseline Total Moisture features a thicker formula, an enhanced fragrance and a new package. The sturdy squeezable body with small cap dispenses the lotion easily, without any mess.

As far as the formula goes, the clean feeling is amazing. Like I said, it instantly hydrates with its' rich feel, but dries deep into the skin almost immediately. Enriched with pure oat extract and Stratys-3 multi-layer moisture complex, an ingredient that combines three key ingredients that gets deeper into skin than most lotions). It just really leaves skin feeling healthy and soft.

Vaseline Total Moisture is readily available at food, drug and mass retailers nationwide in a variety of sizes: 3 oz. for $3.99, 10 oz. for $3.99, 20.3 oz. for $6.99, and 32 oz. for $7.79.