Welcome to Cherie!

I would like to introduce a new contributor to the site, Cherie JeVae.

Cherie is a Professional Freelance Makeup Artist with over 11 years experience, which I think will be very fitting and bring a unique perspective to us. She is also creator of Designing Facez Makeup Artistry.

Cherie says:

My love affair with makeup started when I was about 4. Playing in my Mom’s old beauty rep kit in our basement. The colors were like my crayons. Then I got my Barbie makeup kit, my best friends were my models. I would do their makeup & take down their hair which I would have to redo so they wouldn't get in trouble. Even at 10, I realized what colors looked better on one girl than the other.

My favorite magazine was Essence. I would study the beautiful models like Iman, Beverly Johnson & Tyra for hours. All I want to do was color their faces. I attended Emerson Visual & Performing Arts as a Visual Arts major  under the direction of Mr. Steven R. Sutton. I graduated with Arts Honors.  I have a BA in Communications from Purdue University Calumet.

Cherie is based between Chicago and Northwest Indiana and is also creator of Designing Facez Makeup Artistry.

Please welcome Cherie to Beautiful Makeup Search!