What is Your Vision of Beauty?

In conjunction with the launch of a brand new serum, Visionnaire [LR 2412%], Lancôme is asking "What is your Vision of Beauty?".

The clip above is a trailer for the new website (launching today) visionsofbeauties.com, an innovative discussion about beauty.

Beauty... a piece of art, a landscape, a face: Beauty is everywhere and everyone has his own vision.  By inviting us to share our vision of beauty, Visionsofbeauties reflects the richness of this universal notion.

Open to all, this big digital painting follows the pace of the participants. Whether it is an image, a phrase, or a video, everybody is free to choose the media that represents their vision and then share it.

Contributions will appear beside famous figures Giuseppe Zanotti, Anna Dello Russo, Michelle Phan, Rumi Neely and André too. With humor and sincerity, sometimes with originality, they have accepted to share their vision of beauty and to participate in this huge beauty celebration.

I will be and hope you share your Vision of Beauty too.

Stay tuned for more information on the new serum. It was twelve years in the making and the newly discovered molecule has proven to penetrated deeper into the skin than any other product before. I just started testing it and will share my thoughts and more product info, of course, soon.