Your Best Skin: The Clarisonic Opal.

One of my newest favorite beauty tools is this one from Clarisonic. You know how much I need my Clarisonic Skin Care Brush in my life, and now I am using the Clarisonic Opal daily, too.

The Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System uses the same sonic technology that the Clarisonic uses, but this time in a tool that is made just for the sensitive eye area. The Opal was formulated to apply its specialized anti aging sea serum into the top layers of skin. The technology works so in a way that in just one minutes time, the Opal applies more than 7,500 gentle micro massages to instantly hydrate, smooth and brighten the eyes. After using the Opal, I can immediately see the difference.

I was skeptical about the Opal at first. I watched many presentations on QVC, but once I had it demonstrated on my hand in a Sephora store, I knew that this was something I needed to try.

To use, you squeeze a drop of the serum onto the massaging silicone tip of the Opal, then place near the eye area, turn it on, and gently rotate the Opal in very small circular motions around the eye area until it turns off.  I do two passes, each 30 seconds around my eye when using.

I use the Opal every morning with the anti aging serum that it was formulated to work with. My skin feels very tight and simply looks more refreshed after using. At night, I use the Opal again, but this time I use it to help massage my moisturizing eye cream in around my eyes. I am sure that the makers of Opal only wanted this to be used with their serum, but I see such an improvement in the hydration of my eye area, especially within my crows feet, that I find it very beneficial to keep using it this way as well.

The Opal Sonic Infusion System comes with the Opal itself, the silicone tip, along with a replacement tip, and three dispenser caps that are filled with the serum. It is a rechargeable unit, and a full charge lasts a very long time. I place the Opal in the charging cord once a week, when I charge my Clarisonic Brush, though I have heard that a charge lasts much longer.  After about two months of continued use, my silicone tip started to separate from the Opal, so it needed replacing. The directions say that the tips should be replaced about every 90 days, but I know for a fact that I use mine twice as often as recommended, and I did put it through some rigorous testing. I am still getting serum out of my first dispenser cap, and like I said, I have been using two drops of the serum, once a day, for about the last two months.

The entire Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System sells for $245. It is available through, on QVC (where they offer easy pay options), Sephora and Nordstrom. The Dispenser caps, which are filled with the anti aging eye serum, are sold in a set of three for $100, but Clarisonic has a program where you can have them automatically shipped to you every three months for just $80. The applicator tips are also sold in a set of three, and those cost just $20 for the set.