Get the Look: Rosario Dawson at the Met Ball 2012.


Hair stylist Oscar Blandi did Rosarios Dawson’s hair for the 2012 Met Ball.

INSPIRATION: To complement the high neckline of her leather Calvin Klein dress, Oscar created a sleek, understated chignon.

Step 1: Prep the hair with Oscar Blandi Volumizing Spray.
Step 2: Blow-dry the hair with an emphasis on the roots to create lift and a solid foundation, but leave the ends of the hair damp.
Step 3: Create a left side part and pull the hair back into a ponytail just above the nape of the neck.
Step 4: Spray the ponytail with Oscar Blandi Jasmine Protein Mist. Combine a dime size of gel and a few drops of Oscar Blandi Jasmine Oil Serum in your hand and run it through the ponytail. This combination will harden the hair and give it the perfect amount of shine on the carpet.
Step 5: Split the ponytail into three parts and braid it; twist the braid into a chignon and secure it in place with bobby pins.
Step 6: Finish the look by spraying Oscar Blandi Lacca Hairspray all over to keep style in place.