The Sephora Collection Blockbuster is Just That... a Blockbuster!

Hi! It's Caci here for Teen Beauty. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and got some great holiday deals over the weekend. I did some shopping and am making my wish list. AT this point, it is pretty endless - ha, ha.

My wish list includes a few pretty makeup items this year. Since I wear makeup everyday now, I am playing more and more and having so much fun. Isn't it great to discover new, beautiful things?

One item at the VERY top of my Wish List is this Sephora Collection Endless Color Blockbuster. It is a BLOCKBUSTER of a deal I tell you. And what is inside the palette (that closes into a Sephora-like bag!!!) is nothing short of a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

With 187 different makeup products. My friends, you read that correctly. 187! Here is a little breakdown, taken from the Sephora website:

98 original, iridescent effect eyeshadows
70 shiny lip glosses
6 cream eyeliners
2 lip liners
3 eyeliners
4 applicators

It says that the palette contains different trays of product that slide in and out to accommodate all of the different shades. Also inside the palette is a very special silver ticket.

"...silver ticket automatically enters you in the SEPHORA COLLECTION Silver Ticket Sweepstakes. Visit on January 1, 2011 to see if you have the winning silver ticket. The grand prize winner will receive a $1,000 Sephora shopping spree, a one-year supply of SEPHORA COLLECTION products, and more"

I mean really, this palette can do no wrong, right? I am hoping it is under the tree for me. Just in case anyone else wants one, and wants to buy me one (Hello, Mom!), this Sephora Blockbuster is $48 at Sephora stores and

Back to School Beauty in a Box Sets from Sephora.

I love the summer but at the same time I am excited for getting back into the routine of school. The fact that I am starting high school in a few weeks makes it even more exciting. Of course shopping for back to school would not be complete without picking up some new makeup.

I have been looking at some new makeup sets put together by Sephora called "Beauty in a Box" and they include some of my faves. I plan to head to Sephora this weekend to check these out.

Benefit Beauty in a Box - $48.00

In the box:

  • Full-Sized Some Kind-A Gorgeous The Foundation Faker
  • Full-Sized "That Gal" Brightening Face Primer
  • Deluxe Mini Stay Don't Stray Stay-Put Primer For Concealers & Eyeshadows
  • Full-Sized Erase Paste 02 Medium Brightening Camouflage For Eyes & Face

Urban Decay Beauty in a Box - $52.00

In the box:

  • 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero (black)
  • Skyscraper Multi-benefit Mascara (black)
  • Lipstick in Wicked (mauve/ sheer sheen)
  • Travel Size Eyeshadow Primer Potion (sheer nude)
  • Eyeshadow in Romp (deep royal purple sheen)
  • Eyeshadow in Skimp (sheer pearly vanilla sheen)

Tarte Beauty in a Box - $45.00

In the box:

  • Lock & Roll 12-Hour Eyeshadow, burnt bronze
  • EmphasEYES™ Waterproof Clay Shadow/Liner, plum
  • Rise & Shine Lip Gloss And Stain, nude
  • Clean Slate Natural Face Primer
  • Mineral Powder Bronzer, park ave princess
  • Lights, Camera, Splashes! Natural Waterproof Mascara

Before playing with them, I am leaning toward the Urban Decay beauty in a box. It seems like I would use most of the products in it. Of course, it is the most expensive and I am sure my Mom will notice that right away, but if I will get more use out of them, it will be worth it. Don't you think?

Which Beauty in a Box would you go for?

Summer Shimmer and Fun with tokidoki.

>Have you seen this cuter than cute new line from Sephora? It's called tokidoki and I think it is here at the perfect time of year. You know, summer is just around the corner, and there is no better time than now to add a pop of color to your palette! 

No matter if you are more of a natural type or consider your

self one glam goddess, there is something from tokidoki for you. The shades are the hottest of the season.  From shimmering bronzer to long-lasting lip stains and eye-popping shadows, t

he collection offers all you need to create an irresistibly edgy new summer look.

Check it out! 

tokidoki Perfetto Eyeliner - $16.00
This chisel-tipped liquid liner is perfect for drawing on your eyes, or anywhere else you wish. It comes in eight bold shades.

tokidoki Fantastico Lip Stain - $15.00
This lip stain looks easy to apply just like a marker. Lip stains last all day, so it's perfect. There are five fun colors to choose from.

tokidoki Luminosa Powder - $22.00
Glow, glow and glow some more. You need a highlighting powder in your makeup bag, and this one couldn't be any more fun.

tokidoki Cromatico Eyeshadow - $15.00
This highly pigmented eye shadow comes in the signature tokidoki heart and crossbones packaging, that is a must have. There are 16 shades and they come in multiple textures.

tokidoki Brillante Glitter Eyeliner - $14.00
Make your eyes sparkle with these vibrant, glitter-infused pencil liners. There are14 vivid shades, all of them perfection.

tokidoki Prisma Lip Gloss - $15.00
A must have gloss (you can't have too many) adds sexy shine to lips. This formula is smooth and sweet, tasting like blueberries.

tokidoki Inferno Bronzer - $22.00
You know you need a bronzer, and this is a sexy, shimmering one. It gives your face a glowing, warm color that looks stunning solo or over makeup.     

The new tokidoki collection is available exclusively at Sephora stores so get there now (or you can call them at 1-877-Sephora or shop online