Hard Candy Glamazon Glow All The Way Face & Body Luminizer.


Last week, we played a bit of catch up since it has been like forever since I wrote her for my Mom. I promised her this write up because, oh my gosh, this is my summer find and savior for my skin.

I am blessed with olive skin and my Mom makes me put on sunscreen after my shower everyday. It is now a habit, but I still tan. Not on purpose.  I do spend a lot of time at the beach and pool hanging with friends and my skin gets a pretty golden tan color. Even when re-applying sunscreen. Knowing this, I make it a point to wear either a chic sun hat or when I am being a bit more casual, I just throw my hair in a pony and put on a baseball hat to protect my face. Sunglasses are a must too.

So, to get my face to glow in a pretty golden color, I wanted a self tanner and instant bronzer to give me the perfect color without getting all fussy and applying a ton of makeup before the beach.  I searched my Mom's stash (I am a very LUCKY girl) I saw this pretty golden tube from Hard Candy.

It is called Hard Candy Glamazon Glow All The Way Face & Body Luminizer. Yes, it is designed for body too, but I have only been using it on my face - and OMG, I am in LOVE and on my second tube!!! I keep one in my beach bag because it is just that essential.

This luminizer gives my skin the perfect golden glow when I put it on - shimmer and all.  It looks really pretty and I always get lots of compliments.  After when I wash it off, my face is a beautiful bronzed color that I trick everyone into thinking I got from being outside all day! Coupled with these Glow Pads that I am hooked on, my golden glow is stunning - without the sun.

Hard Candy Glamazon Glow All The Way Face & Body Luminizer is for sale at Walmart for $8.00 - a very cool price for a very cool product.