Teen Beauty: Venus Embrace Shine Razor.

How much time do you spend shaving your legs? I don't even want to try to add up the time or comprehend why it is such a chore.  I do shave my legs four or five times a week though, so I guess it is just one of those chores I have to accept.

One thing I have pretty much mastered is the art of shaving my legs.  All it takes is a nice shaving cream and the right razor.  My razor of choice is this new razor from Venus called Venus Embrace Shine

The Venus Embrace Shine is the perfect razor for many reasons.  First, the razor handle.  It is designed so that it fits comfortably in my hand and it is made of a sturdy no slip material. It feels just right when shaving. The blade is encased within five ribbons of moisturizers that help the shaver glide over my legs and keep them smooth. It really helps make it easy and the shaving experience comfortable.  Plus, I rarely cut myself with this razor. Bonus!  In the end, I get what I want, soft smooth, hair free legs.

You can find the Venus Embrace Shine Razor at drugstores and discount stores like Target and Walmart.  The Razor kit that comes with one razor and blade sells for around $7.99. After that, all you have to do is by the refill cartridges, which I see at a lot of different price points ($7.99 - $12.99) depending on how many refills are actually in the kit.