Launched in 2001 after having a bad experience at a beauty counter, Teri Cosenzi started Beautiful Makeup Search as a single post which grew into a worldwide community of makeup and beauty lovers. If you love makeup, obsess about your skin and want to defy aging or can't stop playing with your hair; you're in the right place. With over 3 million views a year and a social following of 2.5 million, our readers trust us. 

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About the Creator Teri Cosenzi

I'm Teri, your resident, and self-taught savvy beauty expert who created beautifulmakeupsearch.com with you in mind. While I'm not playing with beauty products, painting my nails or shopping for makeup with my daughter Caci, you will most likely find me sneaking off to Florida with my husband of over 25 years or cheering on one of my three sons. I like baking, re-decorating, drinking tea, fussing with my flowers and facials.

I am committed to finding makeup and skincare that simply works and works well. 


About Caci Cosenzi

A savvy social media expert, beauty girl by nature, and communications major with hair and skin to envy, Caci has teamed up with me to bring a younger voice to Beautiful Makeup Search. Behind the scenes, Caci has tested products for years and given me many great ideas that came to life on the blog. Caci has come on board part-time in 2016 as the site and social communities have grown. Caci will be teaming up with me to contribute to the site as well as handle social media. You can also find Caci at thenaturalbrunette.com where she shares her love of style and a great buy.

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About Product Reviews

We often accept products for review from brands and public relations representatives. Accepting products does not guarantee a published review nor a favorable review. Reviews are posted with our discretion and only honest opinions of the products will be published. We most often work 4 - 6 weeks in advance, with skin care products 3+ months in advance (to allow time for testing). If you are a brand or public relations representative that would like to submit a product for review, please contact: teri@beautifulmakeupsearch.com. If you have a time sensitive campaign or wish to consult with us about guaranteed placement, let's talk. We have worked successfully with hundreds of happy clients, agencies, networks and brands.

About Our Opinions

Our opinion is OUR opinion; our reviews are our honest opinion and that will not be comprised. The opinions expressed in product reviews and other topics are purely our own. Everyone is different; we assume no responsibility for experiences different than ours. 

About Advertising

For more information on sponsoring or advertising on Beautiful Makeup Search, please request our media kit and email for rates: teri@beautifulmakeupsearch.com.

About Linking

We use automatic affiliate linking services to support and monetize our site. For linking, that means we don't have control over all the links in our site or exactly where they link (ie. a MAC product linking to nordstrom.com instead of maccosmetics.com) though links will be relevant to the topic. We do manually insert and include relevant links in articles as needed. The rest of the links are for monetization only and cannot be changed. For specific links to stores and sites that advertorial in nature, those are considered sponsored content. Please contact us for more information.

We own all of our content unless otherwise quoted or noted. You may only link to our page; you may not copy, republish, sell or distribute any of our content.

About Original Photography and Swatching

We do our best to take photographs representative of the products we have. The photographs on our site are either provided for our use or they are our own original photography. Our photography is copyrighted and you may not use them without permission.

We rarely swatch products because a swatch of makeup looks different on every person and skin tone.  Computer monitors are all calibrated for color individually. What we see on a computer can be totally different from what we see in person, and we have found them to be unreliable. My daughter and I can put on the same lipstick/gloss/shadow/blush and it will look totally different on both of us and RARELY like the swatch on a computer monitor. A swatch on our arms or lips will not look the same on someone else. Sure, it can be used as a guide, but we have wasted our own money by buying off of a swatch and would never want to mislead readers. 

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